Jennie Stenerhag

Professional athlete and Swedish mountain-biking marathon champion, Jennie Stenerhag is a proud Fairtree ambassador. We are inspired by Jennie’s tenacity and ability to remain focused during these turbulent times.

Jennie shares how she has remained committed and motivated in these extremely challenging times:

“It has been a mental game to vary training and keep a consistent level of fitness, instead of peaking for different events in normal years. The uncertainty and disappointment of cancelled races, was mentally tough. I had to change my mindset. Staying fit and being out in nature is the main reason for riding my bike. This kept me motivated and got me out of bed in the mornings.”

“Success to me is when you achieve a goal, it can be anything from a managing a specific technical section on a trail to winning a race. Success is so personal, and can be so many different things.”

Thank-you Jennie for your commitment, your values are unwavering! Fairtree is proud to have you onboard as an ambassador.

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