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Fairtree Money Market Prescient Fund

The Fairtree Money Market Prescient Fund aims to maximize current income while preserving capital; and to provide daily liquidity to investors by investing in mainly South African, high quality, money market instruments. The portfolio will aim to outperform the STeFi Call Deposit Index, after fees.

Fairtree ALBI Plus Prescient Fund

The Fairtree ALBI Plus Prescient Fund aims to provide superior risk adjusted returns above ALBI to our clients regardless of market conditions. The fund will aim to return 1% per annum above its benchmark, the ALBI, on a 3 year rolling basis. The spread above ALBI is achieved by managing a diversified collection of Credit products and replicating ALBI with minimal tracking error by hedging out interest rate risk.

Fairtree Flexible Income Plus Prescient Fund

The Fairtree Flexible Income Plus Prescient fund is a largely domestic, high yield, fixed income portfolio which aims to return STEFI + 3% after fees through the interest rate cycle. The Fund will aim to deliver a reasonable level of sustainable income and stability on capital invested. The fund will endeavour to protect capital and maximize income growth.

Fairtree Fixed Income RIHF

The Fairtree Fixed Income fund invests in South African fixed income instruments and is geared to take full advantage of relative value opportunities and yield curve shape opportunities in the local fixed income and fixed income derivative markets. Idea generation flows from jointly formulating macro views of global and local South African macro parameters.