Fund in the Spotlight | BCI Income Plus Fund (C Class) *10 Year Anniversary*

Fund in the Spotlight | BCI Income Plus Fund (C Class) *10 Year Anniversary*

The BCI Income Plus Fund is managed by Fairtree. The objective of the Fund is to provide superior risk-adjusted returns over and above cash, irrespective of market conditions. Since its inception, the Fund has achieved its objective and has delivered 10 consecutive calendar years of positive returns.

Performance highlights.


Since its inception, the Fund has delivered 9.23% after fees, which is the best return within the South African – Multi Asset – Income ASISA classification over 10 years.

Graph 1: Cumulative performance from March 2019 until the end of March 2024

Key features.


    • Stability: The Fund aims to deliver a high level of income and long-term stability on capital invested.
    • Investment style: The Fund is run in strict accordance with a quantitative process. Data synthesis and analysis provide the cornerstone of the fund management philosophy.
    • Diversification: The Fund looks to avoid risk dominance through diversification of assets and strategies. The fund is made up of between 10-15 value-adding strategies, which are sized to avoid dominance.

Did you know?


The largest drawdown since inception is -2.69%. The Fund has also delivered positive monthly returns 95% of the time (114 out of 120 months).

If you would like more information about the Fund, please refer to the fund factsheet. You can request it by reaching out to the BCI team at

Graph 2: Returns analysis (annualised) as at 31 March 2024 (net of fees)

Source: FundRock, Fairtree (returns analysis net of fees as at 31 March 2024)
Inception date: March 2014

Table 1: Risk analysis table as at 31 March 2024

Source: FundRock, Fairtree (returns analysis net of fees as at 31 March 2024)
Inception date: March 2014


Collective Investments (RF) (Pty) Ltd (“BCI”) is a registered Manager of the Boutique Collective Investments Scheme, approved in terms of the Collective Investments Schemes Control Act, No 45 of 2002 and is a full member of ASISA. Collective Investment Schemes in securities are generally medium to long term investments. The value of participatory interests may go up or down and past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. BCI does not guarantee the capital or the return of a portfolio. Collective Investments are traded at ruling prices and can engage in borrowing and scrip lending. A schedule of fees, charges and maximum commissions is available on request. BCI reserves the right to close the portfolio to new investors and reopen certain portfolios from time to time in order to manage them more efficiently. Additional information, including application forms, annual or quarterly reports can be obtained from BCI, free of charge. Performance figures quoted for the portfolio are from Morningstar, as at the date of this minimum disclosure document for a lump sum investment, using NAV-NAV with income reinvested and do not take any upfront manager’s charge into account. Income distributions are declared on the ex-dividend date. Actual investment performance will differ based on the initial fees charge applicable, the actual investment date, the date of reinvestment and dividend withholding tax.BCI retains full legal responsibility for the third party named portfolio. Although reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the validity and accuracy of the information in this document, BCI does not accept any responsibility for any claim, damages, loss or expense, however it arises, out of or in connection with the information in this document, whether by a client, investor or intermediary. This document should not be seen as an offer to purchase any specific product and is not to be construed as advice or guidance in any form whatsoever. Investors are encouraged to obtain independent professional investment and taxation advice before investing with or in any of BCI’s products. Access the BCI Privacy Policy and the BCI Terms and Conditions on the BCI website ( Income funds derive their income from interest-bearing instruments in accordance with Section 100(2) of the Act. The yield is a current yield and is calculated daily. Full details and basis of the award is available from the manager. An annual or annualised return is a measure of how much an investment has increased/decreased on average each year during a specific period Actual annual figures are available to the investor on request.

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