Restoring our natural heritage,
one tree at a time

Restoring our natural heritage,
one tree at a time

Fairtree Yellowwood Reforestation Project

Preserving the Yellowwood tree for generations to come while saving a species on the brink of extinction 10,000 trees at a time.

The Fairtree Yellowwood Reforestation Project in Partnership with the Cape Parrot Project and the Wild Bird Trust.

Fairtree has partnered with the Cape Parrot Project and the Wild Bird Trust to plant at least 10,000 indigenous trees over three years – and this is only the beginning. Fairtree wants to give back what was lost – indigenous forests that provide a canopy for fauna and flora to flourish while limiting water depleting exotic species.

The Yellowwood tree is a national treasure worth preserving for generations to come, and the Cape Parrot, South Africa’s only endemic parrot, is reliant on it for its survival. On the one hand, this collaboration assists the Cape Parrot Project in their conservation efforts of the Cape Parrot, which is on the brink of extinction. On the other hand, the Fairtree Yellowwood Reforestation Project will drive local community involvement by enabling community members to act as custodians of these trees, including the Yellowwood tree, until they are planted in the forest.

The project aligns with Fairtree’s purpose of enriching the lives of all our stakeholders by enabling our employees, investors, and partners to flourish while positively impacting the society and environment in which we operate.

  • The Yellowwood tree is South Africa’s national tree.
  • The Yellowwood tree is hardy and drought resistant.
  • Fruits are produced and cracked open by Cape Parrots for much-needed nutrition.
  • The cavities of the Yellowwood tree are used by Cape Parrots to nest in.
  • All species of Podocarpus are protected in South Africa.
  • Historically Yellowwoods were removed in large numbers for timber
  • The Cape Parrot is listed as nationally endangered, with fewer than 2000 parrots left in the wild.
  • Endemic to South Africa, these birds occur only in Mistbelt and coastal forests.
  • Cape Parrots will travel up to 70 km to find food.
  • Pairs breed for life and produce only 2-5 eggs per attempt.
  • Cape Parrots rely on Yellowwoods for survival.
  • Local communities in the Eastern Cape are supported by creating entrepreneurial opportunities to grow and sell seedlings to the project.
  • Once the seedlings are strong enough, it is repurchased from the community and further communities are employed to plant the seedlings in the indigenous forest.
  • To ensure the habitat of the Cape Parrot remains intact, the project activities include tree planting, clearing of invasive alien plants, local livelihood development and environmental education.

Above and beyond investing

At Fairtree we are passionate about leaving the world in a better place, for generations to come.

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We live by our purpose of enriching the lives of all our stakeholder and making a positive difference, leaving them in a better position to live their collective or individual callings.
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Just like the Yellowwood tree provides a canopy for flora and fauna to flourish, Fairtree aims to extend the circle of growth and facilitate the realisation of stakeholder goals, for generations to come.

Grow with us

Ryan Jamieson

Ryan Jamieson

Head: Retail Sales (North & KZN)​

Ryan joined Fairtree in 2016 and is the head of Retail Sales. He has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He joined Momentum in 1998, where he held various roles, such as investment marketing, sales and distribution, over 15 years. In addition, he led the national team of Investment Specialists at Momentum and served on Group Investment Committees. Ryan then joined Investec, where he continued to be involved in the sales, marketing and distribution of the Investec fund range. He returned to Momentum as head of Wealth Management, where he was responsible for the full integration of the investment philosophy, house views, fund solutions and wealth management proposition.