Fairtree Silver Oak Equity Long Short FR Retail Hedge Fund

Fund Inception:  
Minimum Investment:

April 2022
R50,000 initial amount
R1,000 monthly debit order

Fund Inception:  
April 2022
Minimum Investment:
R50,000 initial amount
R1,000 monthly debit order

The Fund's Goal:

The Fairtree Silver Oak Equity Long Short FR Retail Hedge Fund aims to create capital growth for long-term investors by extracting excess returns from the South African equity market through directional long / short investment strategies.

Why hedge funds?

The information provided in this video does not constitute advice and is intended to be educational in nature and/or to provide a general description of Hedge Funds. This video does not constitute a solicitation, invitation or investment recommendation. Investors are urged to seek specialised financial, legal and tax advice before investing.

Risk Profile:

The Fund holds higher risk assets and employs leverage / gearing.


Explain risk / reward

Assets like equities, property and commodities are classified as higher risk assets. They typically generate higher potential returns, but can also yield higher potential losses than assets like fixed income and cash and cash equivalents.

Investment Horizon:

The ideal investment period for this fund:

Long Term

Fund Managers

Stephen Brown

Clarissa van der Westhuyzen

The Fund is for you if:

  • You have an existing investment portfolio and are looking for ways to enhance returns and further diversify your overall portfolio. 

  • Your view of diversification includes investing in a unique investment strategy that uses a directional (long / short) bias when investing in South African equities.

  • Your main objective is to create real investment growth over the long-term.

  • You are in the position to stay invested for 7+ years, allowing the fund to achieve maximum growth (although you may withdraw from the fund at any time). 

  • You are comfortable with an investment risk profile that is high / aggressive. 

  • You wish to generate potential positive returns even when markets are falling, capitalising on downside risk protection that hedge funds typically offer.