ALBI Plus Fixed Income

The Fairtree ALBI Plus Fund was launched in January 2017

The Fairtree ALBI Plus Prescient Fund aims to provide superior risk adjusted returns above ALBI to our clients regardless of market conditions. The fund will aim to return 1% per annum above its benchmark, the ALBI, on a 3 year rolling basis. The spread above ALBI is achieved by managing a diversified collection of Credit products and replicating ALBI with minimal tracking error by hedging out interest rate risk.

The investments are JSE listed or offshore, with all FX risk hedged out. The excess returns are generated by discovering risk premia and mispriced assets. These opportunities are identified by our team using a disciplined quantitative approach, and sized to maximise the diversification benefits. Diversification and portfolio construction are key in achieving the investment objectives, and will allow this this fund to meet its goals regardless of the performance of any single name that the fund has exposure to.


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