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Fairtree Elevant Ventures is a European investment fund, focused on accelerating ambitious, growth-orientated companies preparing to scale.

About Us

We help build remarkable businesses that change the world for the better.

Fairtree Elevant Ventures invests in companies who are reshaping the physical economy. Our portfolio companies and their founders are driving the transformation of how we live, consume, transport and transact. They are leveraging technical innovation, rapidly shifting channel dynamics and evolving consumer priorities to unlock radical disruption in legacy industries and build the champions of tomorrow. We focus on Seed to Series A investment in Europe. In addition to capital we are active partners and provide our portfolio companies with deeply experienced and pragmatic support to execute their growth ambitions.

Fairtree Elevant Ventures is backed by Fairtree, a leading multi-strategy asset and long-only investment manager, which was founded in 2003.

Fairtree has over EUR6 billion assets under management and has operations in Southern Africa, Europe and the UK.


What We Bring to the Partnership

We believe strong values are the foundation to building excellent, enduring businesses. We strive to partner with those who share the same values.

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Our Values

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Our foundation is one of integrity – we are determined to do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances. For us, living with integrity includes delivering on all our commitments, performing in a way and within parameters as communicated to all concerned and being fair and honest in all our dealings.

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We are committed to pursuing excellence. We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and to approach every challenge with a willpower to succeed. We believe that excellence is a mindset and an attitude, and should thus be reflected in all we do.

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We continually grow and refine our investment process to incorporate developments in the market, and new and more efficient ways to express our investment views. At the same time, developing and growing our people is key to achieving excellence. We also have a passion to explore new opportunities with our clients and grow in our partnerships.

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Real Relationships

Real Relationships

We build strong, open and honest relationships with all our stakeholders, including our clients, service providers and within the Fairtree family. The outcome of real relationships is mutual trust and respect within which authentic conversations can thrive.

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We value and respect our own personal families as well as the Fairtree family. We prioritize creating an environment where work and family are not in conflict as we are passionate to see personal relationships flourish. We believe this contributes very positively to a productive and rewarding work experience.

As an investment firm we provide growth capital. But capital alone won’t help you win. We are highly active, supportive investors, helping our portfolio companies to unlock their real potential.

Our team is highly experienced and knows how to build a path to value. We have deep experience as investors, but also as entrepreneurs and operators ourselves, and seek to bring supportive, pragmatic solutions as we navigate your growth together. We invest with our own capital, as well as capital of others who entrust their money with us, and we strive to be excellent stewards of that capital.

We know that as founders you too have invested capital, time and passion into building your business, and know that these principles of excellence in stewardship of capital, as co-owners with you, ensures that we take great care of your business.

Our team has deep expertise, wide networks, and provides support in rapidly scaling and internationalising businesses, with a focus on building operations in the European and US markets.

We help you professionalise, scale, open new markets, create new networks, secure funding and convert a great idea into a high value business. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and have run, scaled, internationalised and exited businesses across multiple markets in Europe, the US and various developing markets.

At Fairtree Elevant Ventures, we understand the journey you are on and the challenges you may face, we are here to share that experience with you and support you on the journey ahead.

We are based in The Netherlands, an efficient and effective business environment ideally suited to support internationally-orientated businesses provide a strong launch pad into Europe.

We are able to provide incubation support, expertise and networks, to establish and run the infrastructure and teams required for a base in Europe, allowing you to efficiently start generating revenue and profits.

We are a soft landing and a second home to ease your way into new markets.


BSc(Chem Eng) & MBA

David Evans
Managing Director: Fairtree Elevant Ventures



Kobus Nel
Chairman of Investment Committee: Fairtree Elevant Ventures

Investment Principal

MBA, CFA, CA(SA), BAccHons & BAcc

Gabriel Louw
Investment Principal

Investment Associate

BCom (Financial Management), PGDA, Project Management, MBA

Sybrand Engelbrecht
Investment Associate



Rene Van Rooyen
Financial Manager

Team members across the UK and RSA

Group Chairman

Founded Fairtree in 2006

Andre Malan
Group Chairman

Group CEO

Co-founded Fairtree in 2006

Kobus Nel
Group CEO

Managing Director: FAM

BA (Economic History), CAIA
Joined Fairtree in 2011

Bradley Anthony
Managing Director: FAM

We Invest in Ambitious Teams,
Set to Transform their Industries


Our Focus

We invest in ambitious teams who are transforming their industries. Businesses in which we Partner and Invest Typically Demonstrate:

Strong capability to deliver unique solutions to solve real problems. High growth trajectory and scalable potential.

Product in market delivering proven results. Passionate, capable and driven teams.

Strong and positive social, environmental or societal impact.

EBITDA breakeven achieved or close to achieved in a reasonable time frame (12-24 months).

Focussed on rapidly scaling and internationalising in Europe and the US.

Our focus is in consumer and industrial sectors which are being transformed by technology, changing consumer behaviours and sustainability demands

Consumer packaged goods.

Ingredients, modes of production and packaging.

Transaction channels and platforms enabling D2C/ecommerce.

Logistics and routes to market.

Fairtree Elevant Ventures is based in The Netherlands

Though we have global networks, our home-base is The Netherlands, and we seek to work with and scale companies in simple, trusted and high value jurisdictions. We require investee company establishment domiciles and IP holding in the Netherlands, UK, US or other appropriate EU jurisdiction. We also require that the majority of capital invested is to be deployed on revenue build in Europe or US.

We are growth investors

We focus on creating value through unlocking rapid, sensible and profitable growth.

We invest in Seed or Series A rounds.

Typical ticket size of 500k – 2m.

Seek to contribute through strongly influential but minority equity stakes of 10% – 30%, and actively engage with you in building the business.


Our Portfolio

Maxwell and Spark is a global leader in electric truck and trailer refrigeration and motive power systems, empowering industrial users to transition to clean, renewable energy through engineering innovation
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Cargoroo is the leading e-cargo bike sharing platform of Benelux, rapidly expanding across Europe with a mission to transform liveability in cities.
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Packlay is an express delivery company for retailers, offering fast, reliable and CO2 free shipping options within the same hour, or at any given timeslot, for well-known retailers like Lush, Decathlon, de Bijenkorf and Blokker. Currently, Packaly delivers in more than 125+ cities in 3 countries with 1,500 independent bike couriers and is expanding incredibly rapidly, growing 3x year on year.
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