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Diverse Portfolios Are Key

What Is Diversification? In our last article we mentioned the importance of diversification. However, what is diversification and how do you achieve it inside your portfolio? We learnt that diversifying a portfolio is incredibly important. Behavioural finance research shows that investors understand the importance of diversification, however struggle to apply it in practice. Many investors […]

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Our Best Opinion On Balanced Investing

A Portfolio That Simultaneously Achieves Long-Term Wealth And Short-Term Tactical Tilting Core and Satellites Combine ‍The way that we construct our portfolios follows the same Investment Philosophy and Process designed by Lombard Barnard and Cephas Dube. This serves as the foundation to each portfolio we create. All of our portfolios have a ‘core’. This core

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The Money Market

Balanced Investing: Risk, Patience & Temptation

By Cephas Dube, Johan Steyl & Kheara Lugg Balanced Investing is not a foreign topic of discussion at Fairtree Invest. There have been several articles and webinars around this topic. Why? We believe it is an important concept to grasp, with many facets to mastering balanced investing. Balanced investing is all about allocating your funds

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